Salonic Networks  provides high-end technology services since middle 2000. Salonic Networks now offers a variety of services and lately, our business has expanded at some projects to empower ebusiness and emarketing at some countries and make internet a key to success for everyone. With our strong internet presence and our global development we can guarantee you innovative quality services.


Our services

e-mail hosting services – Worldwide

quality domain e-mail hosting services

technical support – Greece

for computer systems and networks providing high-end technology services

domain hosting services – Worldwide

high speed webhosting and email services

What our clients say

our business collaborate and made a success internet marketing

John Charalampidis – Greece

quality & fast services, experienced staff

Steeve Campel – United Kingdom

Make the future green

The governments of Europe are working together to tackle climate change and reduce the EU's carbon emissions. However, to really make a difference, we all need to think about our personal environmental impact and take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Most are small changes which you probably won't even notice, but if everyone in Europe were to adopt just a few good habits, the impact would be enormous. Think Green

Take your career in the right direction

Stay informed about Salonic Networks job openings and be a part of a dynamically developing European company. We are seeking for young people ready to work with us all over the world.