why to choose us

Our goal is to provide fast, safe and reliable internet and network services to our customers. We can offer you part of our pioneer services for free for testing purposes so as to exprerience the quality and see the difference that makes Salonic Networks one of the best at its field. Then you will lose any doubt you might have had about choosing our company for your needs.

Salonic Networks Server Systems (SNSS) are being kept day and night at the best condition to serve your internet needs. Our complete network infrastructure is capable to serve umpteen clients simultaneously, with over 99,9% uptime. Very useful and simple web Control Panels (SNCP) gives you the ability to configure your parameters without any of our employee interraction. Though our human support system can and will be by your side concerning any kind of troubleshooting you might have via e-mail, telephone or even directly at your place 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Our fully-skilled personnel, Salonic Networks Staff Members (SNSM) is available for you anytime you need it. Our telephone and internet support system, consists of specialized people who can reply to your one-second questions, give you answers to any kind of computer-related problems and of course advise you to the best possible utilization of our services.

We always try to set up tight relationships with our customers based on trust so as noone ever changes his mind about coming in contact with us. As nothing is better for a company than happy and satisfied customers, we are always glad to know that so far noone has regreted for choosing us, fact that gives us the zest and the courage to continue providing, improving our services to the highest level possible and also expanding the variety of our products. We can prove that all of your company needs can be easily and quickly covered from Salonic Networks.

It’s definitely the ultimate choice for your company to have a fast, safe and reliable provider serving your internet presence